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A Security System Can Create a Safe and Comfortable Experience at Home

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Protecting your family and your home with a security system that is easy to use and remains secure is essential. Key fob security systems allow you to access the system from inside or out and are easy to use for younger family members because there is no code to remember or sequence to enter the information at the panel. 

Key Fob Security Systems

When considering security systems for your home, you will need to decide what you want the system to cover. Some systems are basic entry systems that have sensors on the doors and windows, while others add motion sensors, glass break sensors, smoke, heat, and co2 sensors, and many include video cameras.

All of these features can be part of most key fob security systems, and many modern systems allow the addition of a key fob to them later if you didn't get one when you first installed the system. In the past, each family member would need a key to the house, the security code to disarm the system, and an understanding of how to set the alarm while staying home once they got there. 

Key fob security systems combined with locks that are either coded, biometric or use a proximity sensor from a cell phone or other device will allow much easier access to the home and create a significant barrier for potential intruders. The system is no more complicated to install than a standard security system, and nearly all the manufacturers and security companies in today's market offer these kinds of features for your home security. 

Garage Access

Adding security to your garage is critical when installing a security system for your home. In some cases, you can integrate the alarm, door opener, and garage door controller into key fob security systems so you can open the garage, disarm the alarm, park your car inside, then close the door and arm the system all from the key fob.

Most of these systems also integrate into an app for your phone that allows you to open and close the garage door from anywhere you are and even stop it from opening if someone tries to get in when you are away from home. 

Smart Home Intergration

Another feature that is handy with key fob security systems is smart home integration. If your keys are on your dresser and you are in the living room, being able to have a smart home assistant respond to voice commands to arm or disarm the system, turn on outside lighting, or lock the doors in the house can be extremely helpful. 

This technology creates key fob security systems and home security combinations that make it easy to secure your home to keep you and your family safe. Talk to the security providers in your area to get details on what is available for your situation.