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What Can A Web-Based Access Control System Do For You?

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Excellent security is a necessity for any thriving business. While there are some advantages to entrusting your security to mechanical security systems, there are many more benefits to utilizing a web-based access control system. Web-based access control systems are powerful and decentralized. Here are four things a web-based access control system can do for you:

1. Allow you to bypass a complicated installation process

Security is imperative at all times. Every minute your business and servers go unprotected is a minute that your livelihood is vulnerable to attack. When you decide on a security system, you'll naturally want it to be implemented as soon as possible. Fortunately, web-based access control systems can be installed quickly and easily. Since these systems rely on the internet for their networking capabilities, your IT department won't need to install any new servers. This will allow you to achieve security much faster.

2. Control your security system remotely

Web-based access control systems give you the ability to control your security system, even when you're not on the premises. Web access means you can sign in to your security system from any computer. You can check security feeds while you're at home or modify a specific person's access as you see fit. This type of flexibility is key for busy business owners who can't always be present at their company's headquarters.

3. Easily provide and revoke employee access to restricted areas

Web-based access control systems are easy to modify. Instead of using keys, which need to be cut by a professional locksmith, web-based access systems utilize key cards. Key cards can be easily programmed to allow access to sensitive areas. If you later need to revoke a specific employee's access, you can do so remotely. Revoking key card access is simpler and cheaper than rekeying a traditional lock, which makes this type of security system perfect for businesses that have a high rate of employee turnover.

4. Keep a detailed log of on-site and digital access

Accurate records of employee access can come in handy when there's a problem. If an item goes missing from your inventory, you'll need to find the most likely culprit. A web-based access control system can help you do so. Web-based access control systems keep detailed records of physical and digital access. If an employee uses their key card to enter a restricted area or sign in to view sensitive information, their information will be logged and stored.

Reach out to a local security system company to learn more about web-based access control systems.