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Had A Break-In In Your Apartment Complex? What You Can Do

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If you found out that there was a break-in at your apartment complex recently, you might find yourself feeling anxious and nervous about your safety and security in your apartment. This fear and worry is completely understandable. However, fear and worry alone will not make you more secure in your apartment home. Get to know some of the ways that you can go about making your apartment home more secure. Then, you can start to feel more at ease with your home sooner rather than later. 

Ask Your Landlord to Install a Deadbolt

One of the best ways to secure your apartment home is to get a deadbolt lock on your door. A deadbolt lock adds extra strength to your door locks and can make it much more difficult for someone to get into your home. The lock will, ideally, use different keys from your standard door lock.

This means that a person that would be trying to break into your home would have to take the time to pick two completely different locks. The added time means that the break-in artist would spend more time outside (or in the hallway) exposed, increasing the likelihood that they will get caught. This is often enough to deter a person from even trying to break into your home. 

Install Security Cameras and a Security System in Your Apartment

You cannot be home all the time. After a break-in in your apartment complex, you may feel as though you cannot feel secure leaving your home unattended. However, there are ways that you can keep an eye on your home even when you are not actually inside your apartment. 

Installing security cameras inside of your apartment will allow you to feel more secure in your home. You will be able to check in on your home throughout the day as much as you would like if you choose a system that will connect wirelessly to your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can also get alerts if anything moves or is amiss in your apartment. 

When the security cameras are triggered, they can even send an automatic alarm to the security company, you, and even the police if you set your system up that way. Your cameras can be connected to an overall door and window alarm system as well which will make your apartment even more secure that it would be otherwise, even with the added security of a deadbolt. 

Knowing these steps to take after you have had a break-in in your apartment complex, you can get started making these changes as soon as possible. Contact a company, like HSI Security, for more help.