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Installing Your Own Wireless Security System

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If you have an older home that isn't prewired for a home security system ,you can install a wireless system that offers the same protections as a wired system, including 24 hour monitoring by a private security company.

You can keep your mind at ease with the security of outside monitoring while enjoying the benefits of personal monitoring through your cell phone or computer, in addition to saving money and aggravation by installing a wireless system.

How does a wireless security system work?

You must have broadband wireless internet service in your home to use a wireless security system, The system is monitored by a central base unit, and each individual component is linked to the base using wireless internet service.

When a sensor is activated, it reports the information to the base unit, which transmit it to the monitoring unit of the home security company and to the homeowner in the form of email or text alerts. 

The private security company then alerts local law enforcement to investigate the activity, and notifies the homeowner of the possible security breach.

What types of sensors are available?

Entry sensors

These sensors are placed on windows and doors, and consist of two magnetized parts. One part is connected to the door or window sash while the other is connected to the door or window frame. When the door or window is opened beyond 2 inches, the magnetic field is disrupted and the sensor is activated.

Motion sensors

These sensors detect motion by body heat rather than just movement, so they are not activated by random movements of inanimate objects or small pets. They are designed to only detect the movement of intruders inside the home.

Breaking glass sensors

If an intruder attempts to bypass your window locks or sensors by breaking a window, these sensors will detect the sound of glass breaking and become activated. They are specially designed to respond only to the sound of glass breaking, and can detect the unique sound as far as hundreds of feet from the area of the incident.

This sensor is not only useful for burglaries, but also for vehicle thefts as well as accidents in the home caused by pets left alone in the home.

Safety montoring

You can also choose to have such personal safety items such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors added to your monitoring services. These services offer an extra layer of protection when homeowners may be overcome by smoke or carbon monoxide. Trained monitors can send an alert to emergency personnel to save homeowners who are physically overcome and unable to respond to traditional alarms.

Ease of installation and use, as well as offsite monitoring, makes a wireless security system a good choice for a wise and thrifty homeowner. For more information, contact companies like MerCorp Protective Services.