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Common Security Measures At The Airports In Israel

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Going through airport security is never an enjoyable time. Sometimes you have to take your shoes off or remove your laptop from its bag. You then have to scramble with all of your personal possessions and make sure that you are not holding up the line for people who are desperately trying to make their flight. It is helpful, when you are travelling, to have an idea of what the security measures are going to be ahead of time so that you can pack appropriately and be prepared. Here are some common security measures at the airports in Israel.

1. Email Inspections

There are reports of email and social media inspections by the security officials at the Tel Aviv airport. These inspections basically involve you being taken out of the line and being asked to open up your email or social media pages, usually Facebook, for the security contractors to inspect. This is so that security officials can see what you were talking about with friends and family when you were not under scrutiny. These checks are usually done for people who have certain passports from certain countries. It is not entirely common for people with passports from the United States to go through this sort of security, but it is not unheard of. If you do not have a computer with you, the security officials will have computers that you can use.

2. General Conversation

Security officials will also call people who are in line for security and ask them questions about where they are going, what they are planning to do, and other general small talk. This is an attempt by the security officials to gauge your intents in Israel.

3. Vehicle Checks

You should also be aware that there are vehicle checks when you are arriving at the airport for your return flight home. These usually take the form of security officials asking you a few questions and sometimes looking in your car if they believe that they have reason to be suspicious. Simply don't bring anything that you are not planning on taking directly onto the plane with you in the car. 

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in private security in Israel, such as Bar Homes Security & More. They will likely know people who work at the airport and will be able to give you a more in depth level of your risk for more stringent security testing.