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Think Like A Thief To Assess Your Home's Vulnerable Points

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One of the best ways to assess the overall security of your home is to think like a thief. While having a state-of-the-art security system is a good investment, switching your mindset from that of a homeowner who wishes to protect his or her residence, possessions, and family to that of a criminal who wishes to break into a home to steal valuables and potentially harm in inhabitants, you have the ability to identify issues that may compromise your home's security and then promptly correct them. Here are some specific steps that you can take to achieve this goal.

Drive Past The Home Multiple Times

Some criminals will scout out the homes that they may wish to target by driving through the neighborhood slowly and noting what they see. It's a good practice for you to take this same approach to identify reasons that your home may be vulnerable. Try to take this drive a handful of times at different times during the day to provide a cross-section of issues. For example, you might notice that you leave your garage door open for long stretches of time on the weekend, or that you've left an empty TV box out at the curb in advance of garbage day, thus indicating that you've recently made a valuable purchase.

Prowl The Yard

It might initially seem a little silly to prowl through your own yard with the mindset of a thief, but doing so can be an effective way to assess your home's vulnerable points. For example, you might occasionally notice that a rear door is left unlocked or that a basement window is open. You might also notice other issues, such as an extra key to the front door kept indiscreetly on a patio table or valuable recreational items, such as bicycles, being left in the yard.

Do Some Research Online

Some online prowling can also prove advantageous when it comes to assessing your home's vulnerability. Create a mock social media account and browse the social media pages of each of your family members to look for messages or photos that could entice a thief to target your home. For example, if your teenager has posted a photo of a new gaming console and hoverboard, you'll know that the home has some high-value items that you could easily turn into cash. Or, if your spouse has been writing messages counting down the days until the family leaves for vacation, you'll know that the home will be empty in the near future.