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3 Tips To Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Home Security System

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If you have a home security system set-up at your house, here are three steps you can take to further increase the overall security of your home.

#1 Install New Locks

If other people have previously lived in your home, and you are not sure if the locks were ever changed, now is the time to change the locks. You have no idea if they still have keys to your home or how many people the former inhabitants of your home may have provided extra keys to.

Changing the locks does not even have to be that expensive. You can purchase new locks and keys at your local hardware store. However, if you don't have time to change out your locks, you can also easily hire a locksmith to make this home security upgrade for you.

When you have new locks installed on your doors, consider installing deadbolts on all of your exterior doors if they are not already present.

#2 Hide The Wires To Your Security System

Many home security systems require the use of outside wires. If you have exposed security wires or electrical wires on the outside of your home, try to cover them up. You can cover them up by putting paneling or wood over the location where the wires are on your home. Or you can cover them up with dense thick shrubs.

You don't want a potential intruder to be able to gain easy access to your security or electric wires and cut them. Protecting the wires will make your home a more difficult target for a potential intruder.

#3 Secure Sliding Doors

Some of the easiest doors to break into are sliding glass doors because they generally only use very simple lock mechanism. You can make it harder for a potential intruder to get into your home by securing your sliding glass doors.

Install locks on the doors on the top and bottom that you slide shut from the inside that are separate from the lock on the handle of the door.

You can also put a metal bar across the bottom track of your sliding glass door so that it can't be forced open.

#4 Secure Your Windows

Another easy entry point into your home is through your windows. There are a variety of ways that you can secure your windows. You can install shatter-resistant glass that a potential intruder would not be able to simply break open.

Next, see if you can get sensors from your security company installed on each of your windows. Make sure that the sensors are programmed to detect when the windows are opened or if the window's surface are shattered.

These upgrades will help make your home more secure from unwanted intruders. For more tips to optimize security systems, talk with your local security company.